Agreement Meaning In Medicine

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Thus, both uses of the word “patient” – the name of “someone who suffers” and an adjective meaning “to endure with indulgence” – come from the same origin. Since the late 1990s, new models of sexual consent have been proposed. Consent as understood in some contexts may differ from its day-to-day meaning. For example, a person suffering from a mental disorder, a low mental age or a legal age of sexual consent may voluntarily perform a sexual act that still does not meet the legal threshold of consent in accordance with the legislation in force. Consent can be either explicit or implied. For example, participation in a contact sport usually involves the acceptance of a degree of contact with other participants, which is implicitly agreed upon and often defined by the rules of the sport. [5] Another concrete example is that a boxer cannot complain about being hit in the face by an opponent; Implied consent is valid if the violence can normally and reasonably be considered fortuitous for the sport in question. [6] Explicit consent is given when oral or written agreements are concluded, including in a contract. .

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