Aqwest Enterprise Agreement

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Assistance is available for a fee for a service base to help members develop company agreements. This service is particularly useful when it comes to formal negotiations with workers` representatives. A phone and email service is available to provide advice on employee relations, including company agreements, rewards, performance management, and employee dismissal. Help is also provided for the drafting of documents (letters, reports) to help HR, managers and superiors to effectively manage their staff. WALGA Employee Relations membership is subscription-based. This service is available for VA local governments, the cost of which is based on the size of the local government. Develops and distributes employment relationship alerts on a wide range of workplace relations topics that are relevant to local governments. These warnings are published annually by e-mail on critical topics ranging from current case law to Fair Work Commission judgments. Access to past alerts is available on our secure website. A number of proposals are available that address the fundamental concepts of recruitment procedures and can be adopted or modified by individual local governments to adapt them to their workplace.

Employee Relations offers, as part of the local government annual subscriber, the following services: WALGA Employee Relations Important information about the team The effects of COVID-19 are evolving, we are facing this unprecedented situation together. Vous saluez Tony Brown Executive Manager, Operational and Organizational Services WALGA ___. .