Bc Rental Agreement Deposit

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5. A lessor`s right to retain a surety or surety for property damages covered in paragraph 4, point (a), does not apply if the tenant`s liability is related to the damages and the landlord`s right to obtain compensation for a pet damage bond or surety does not apply, in accordance with Section 24 (2) [the landlord does not meet the requirements of the rental condition] or 36 (2) [Failure to comply with rental report]. Moving costs: A landlord may charge a fee if a tenant requests a move between units of thought in a building of several tenants. This must be stated in the rental agreement and the fee must not exceed $15 or 3% of the monthly rent. An owner may also only charge a collection fee if the Strata`s statutes require it. An “over-guard tenant” means a tenant who continues to rent an apartment after the tenant`s rent has ended. Are interest paid or paid for the deposit? (6) A lessor may terminate a lease agreement for a rental unit if the lessor has all the necessary authorizations and authorizations required by law and intends to do so in good faith: It is very important that you participate in the inspection. This is your chance to inspect every part of the device, such as windows, carpets, walls, appliances, etc. The status check report is your chance to make sure your rental unit meets your requirements. (a) require a deposit at a different time than when the lessor and tenant enter into the tenancy agreement; “rental agreement”: a written or oral, explicit or tacit agreement between a landlord and a tenant, which respects the possession of a rental unit, the use of public services and facilities, and a licence to occupy a rental unit; The lessor must calculate the interest due on the total amount of the bond for property or animal damage before making deductions.

Interest is calculated on the basis of an interest rate set at the beginning of each year and is calculated from the day the tenant has paid the deposit until the day it is returned to the tenant. 54 (1) A tenant who has entered into a tenancy agreement with a landlord may apply for a property order from the tenancy unit by motion for dispute resolution. If you have the right to have a pet, your landlord can apply for a pet deposit of up to half the monthly rent. This is the maximum amount an owner can pay for a security deposit for damage to pets, no matter how many pets you have. You must pay this down payment either at the beginning of your lease or if you receive a pet at any time during your lease. If your pet causes exceptional damage or disturbs others inappropriately, your owner may try to evict you and deposit your pet damage. More information can be found at TRAC Pets, and Residential Tenancy Branch Policy Guideline 31. (2) A lease agreement can only be amended to add, remove or modify a term other than a standard clause, if the landlord and tenant agree to the change. (4) Instead of imposing a sanction under paragraph 1, the Director may, subject to the provisions, enter into an agreement with the person who would otherwise be responsible for the sentence. The Housing Leases Act requires the landlord to rewrite or modify the castles at the request of a tenant so that previous tenants do not have access to the rental unit. The cost of handing over the keys or modifying the lock must be paid by the owner. If you have paid a deposit but decide not to move in, the landlord may be allowed to keep your deposit.