Boy Scout Informed Consent Release Agreement

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Click here to download the form (PDF, 1 page). This form must be submitted if a Scout is to receive over-the-counter medication during campout or summer camp, or if the recruiter has support restrictions. The form must be revised and ressigned if the participant`s medical/dietary information changes. Part B is general information/health history. Add a copy of your health insurance card to the front and back, or write “None” on the form if you don`t have health insurance. For the vaccination area, you can write “see attached” and attach a separate sheet containing the information or a copy of the doctor`s vaccination report. Look at some of the best pack websites, troops and crew 2019 please check and complete the AHMR completely and carefully. If you have any questions on how to check, read this BSA security moment or look at these frequently asked questions. Keep in mind that these completed forms must be secured so that they are not scanned, scanned, scanned, stored by email or electronically by unit officials.

In order for an ADULT to participate in Force 55, they must submit the following forms: BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (Parts A, B – C) – Photocopy of Health Insurance Card (front and back) – Immunization (tetanus required and valid in the last 10 years) Click here to download the form (PDF, 1 page). Requires a notary/signature seal. Only once on behalf of each young person in Troop 55. This document is required by some hospitals before treating a minor when none of his parents are present. Part C of this form is completed by a doctor. Part C is required before summer camp, any adventure activity or other activities as described on the form. Part C is also required for a Scout to PARTICIPATE IN NYLT or NAYLE, or for an adult who participates in the Wood Badge. Suggestion: If a participant`s BSA activity takes place within 12 months of their last physical examination, please drop Part C in the doctor`s office and have it completed based on the information contained in the last examination. If the participant`s physical examination has not yet taken place, but will take place before May 15, print Part C and take it with you for your visit to the doctor. If the participant`s annual physical activity usually occurs during the summer months, please take your options for completing Your Part C before the may 15 medical form deadline.

Contact the T-55 medical records coordinator to take special precautions. Parts A and B are required for registration and participation in all Troop 55 activities. Parts A and B may be completed by the parent or legal guardian and do not require a medical examination or signature. Next year will be a transition year for you to use the old or new form, but everyone in all tracking programs will have to use the updated AHMR form from January.