Camper Van Hire Agreement

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12.2 You will take all reasonable steps to obtain the vehicle to ensure that the oil level, water level and tire pressure are properly respected during your rental. You will contact us immediately if a vehicle alarm reports a possible malfunction. These costs correspond to the excess insurance, provided that all terms and conditions are met. If the insurance deems that the insurance is invalid for misuse of the vehicle and the tenant has breached the terms of that contract, the tenant is responsible for all costs. Fire, accident, breakdown, etc. – See our motorhome manual that is provided in the van. You will also receive oral instructions when you retrieve the teleporter. It is imperative that you and your party be aware of these instructions. We allow many pets in selected campervans. Please indicate before booking that you would like to communicate the intention to bring a pet. For pet bookings, $40 is charged for an additional household per rent.

Hypoallergenic and non-casting dogs will continue to be calculated as usual. In the case of supporting prohibitions, the fee is deducted from the authorization. The vehicle is insured for damage to the vehicle and property of a third party; However, does not include personal insurance for the client (including the death or assault of the driver) or coverage of personal property. Vehicle insurance is organised by Liverpool Victoria. The listed rental price includes a standard surplus of 1000.00 GB per reported accident or incident. In case of damage to the vehicle or to the property of third parties, the tenant is responsible for the first application GB 1000.00 PRO. Only those mentioned in the rental contract are insured for driving the vehicle. Please note that there is no insurance coverage for general damages, damages considered gross negligence, including reversal of damage or internal damage, which is why the tenant assumes full responsibility for these, which is in addition to the standard excess of the vehicle if this applies. Windshields and/or tire damage are not covered by standard auto insurance and are therefore surpassed by themselves. The designated driver`s licence is not established or valid under the specified conditionsNo to be able to provide funds for excess insurance and precautionary borrowing by credit card only on the occupancy of the vehicle, a maximum of 4 occupants on motorhomes or 6 occupants on motorhomes. The driver`s licence address does not match the billing address.