Civ 5 Ai Research Agreement

By September 14, 2021Uncategorized

This contract is available after studying education, and you must also have made a declaration of friendship with another nation. You (or you) can then decide to sign a research agreement – a process in which scientists from both nations come together and work on a joint project and exchange experiences and information. Reduction of research costs: Meeting with Civs Meeting With other civilizations that have explored a technology that you do not have, the cost of this technology will be reduced. This is a reasonable mechanic, because if you see someone using a new invention, it becomes easier to discover it for yourself. The more Civs you know who have studied something, the lower the cost of this technology. As you head into education and scientific theory, other Civs will likely explore military technologies at the bottom of the research tree. This will allow you to catch up with military technology faster, so meeting with Civs on scouting and later with caravels to explore the world (or when creating the World Congress) is important for the pace of your research. Still, I feel like it`s an Overnerf for the library. The problem was not the building itself; The real problems were that the Great Scientists were too strong (can you launch any technology immediately?!), all the Non-Scientists Great People were too low, and the yields of local tiles were so bad that they favored the game of mass specialists.

Firaxis did nothing to compensate the Great People or change the yields of the tiles, and instead chose a massive library nerve. It solves the problem a bit, because the waaaaaaaay search lets go too fast even without overflow, but it cuts all the games of specialists until the game is actually half finished. I think that is a bad solution. There must be a better solution than this. There is only one problem: overall happiness is a total failure to stop the expansion at Civ5. It`s not working. Civ5 returns to the empire`s old system of administration, where more cities are always better for your empire. Remember that in Civ5 there are no sliders for science/gold/culture. Science is mainly based on population, with the basic formula of 1 point of population = 1 glass of cup/tower. Gold is also largely population-based; Much of your income comes from internal trade routes between cities entirely based on population (the trade route formula is gold/turn = 1.25 times the urban population).

Most of the remaining revenue comes from commercial posts that are functioning and more population means that more citizens are working on these commercial posts. In other words, unlike Civ4, where planting additional cities increases your costs and slows down science (at least initially), Civ5 is exactly the opposite. Your gold and research will go more and more cities, regardless of the quality of the land. There is no compromise between expansion, war and research. Expansion and wars will increase your number of cups. An additional city will always be a net positive in terms of gold and research. Obviously, I raced with the leading Civs here at the immortal difficulty level, and I still had plenty of room for other expansions. One of the pop-up messages had even classified me in the technology with the AI Civs, all were in 2-3 “totally techs researched” of each other. (Here`s another good question: Why can`t I ever see what other leaders` technologies are? Why do I have to rely on a random pop-up message that may or may not appear every 50 rounds?!) With AI`s inability to go to war, they wouldn`t conquer me, and there was no way I would lose because of space or diplomacy against an AI. But the game seemed just like that. boring.

There were no interesting choices for me to make, no real compromises to compensate. I just had to keep building cities, growing up and keeping the level of happiness in the greenery. After all, I was sure to win the game. I had three allies from the maritime state and a cultural city-city, and I added more and more to the herd. It took another 15-25 towers to build universities, markets and the like in each city, just like in the days leading up to the patch….