Collective Agreement For Workers

By September 14, 2021Uncategorized

A collective agreement is an agreement between two parties on the working conditions applicable to workers in a given company or sector. In Denmark, neither Danish nor foreign companies are legally obliged to respect or conclude a collective agreement. At NJORD Law Firm, we have extensive experience in providing legal advice in relation to collective agreements. We help you do this by creating an overview of your employees` conditions. Our lawyers advise both on rights arising from a collective agreement and on rights that arise elsewhere. Example 2: Electricians who carry out work as part of a construction project refuse, as part of a solidarity action, to carry out work for the client, because the foreign company responsible for the other construction tasks has not yet signed a contract, as requested in the main fight against the foreign company. Can your company be covered by a collective agreement in different ways? You can get more detailed information about the collective agreement from your trusted agent or from Pro`s employee counsel. In possible cases of conflict, pro members can contact the trusted man and the council of the union`s employees. The collective agreement contains a wide range of agreed terms and a framework for the rights and obligations of employers and workers.