Default Of Rental Agreement

By September 16, 2021Uncategorized

If a default clause is misformed, landlords and tenants could get stuck in court for years and debate or pursue a case. Ineffective default clauses prevent a landlord from taking a defaulting tenant out of their property and finding a tenant who respects their agreement. Weak default clauses can allow a tenant to exploit his landlords by living in a property without being informed of the rent or properly caring for the property. Finally, the lessor may want to terminate the lease due to the tenant`s delay. The termination clause of the rental agreement must be carefully drafted. For example, the notice period that a landlord should give to the tenant is important. In Bahrain, it is good practice that the notice period for termination in the event of tenant delay is generally that set out in Article 7 (a) of the publication number. (42/1374) Law on the Leasing of Commercial Businesses in Manama (1955), which concerns non-payment of rent, but which is more general and provides for an additional period of one month and a notice period of 2 weeks to remedy it. Charles Russell LLP has considerable expertise and experience in advising landlords and commercial tenants in Bahrain and throughout the region. In particular and in collaboration with our preferred local lawyer, we have advised a number of clients regarding obtaining empty property after a loss of rent. Contacting a lawyer can be the first and most important step in deciding what a landlord should do if they are faced with a defaulting tenant.