Equine Boarding Agreement Template

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This agreement is appropriate for the full board barn. For the DIY boarding stable see: Boarding stable agreement: DIY. These model forms are provided courtesy of The Bay Area Equestrian Network as an outline for following the formulation of your own documents relating to the use of horse real estate and boarding problems. Due to the differences of many local, urban, regional, regional and national laws, stableWise and BAEN advise you to seek professional legal advice before entering into a contract or agreement. PandaTip: Your client will sign the riding contract with the indicated fields of the model at the bottom of this e-signature page. After signing, this contract can be downloaded in PDF format. “I used the format for a compromise agreement for planned redundancy and found the content and guidelines extremely comprehensive and useful.” The law of this agreement is common law, so you can make the agreement that best suits both parties. Either you can change the agreement as a general terms (and use the same version for all customers), or you can change that contract for any horse or pony you take. Of course, we assume that you are aware of the welfare problems of horses, but they have no direct influence on your contract with your owners. This boarding contract is suitable for any stable. It is very flexible designed to give you the ability to simply work it to fit exactly the way you do business. Although it is drawn to protect your interest as strongly as possible, the author has also thought about what your customers will think if you send it to them. Their owners will not worry about seeing a lawyer before signing.

However, if you read it, you may decide to weaken some of the strictest proposals we have made. This comprehensive boarding stability agreement offers everything you want in agreement with your owners and comprehensive legal protection for you. It includes the provision of services, prices and of course the horse or pony. By using this agreement, we are sure that you spend much less time dealing with customer issues, large and small. If the horses covered by this riding contract require medical attention, the stable will do everything in its power to contact the customer by phone. If the client is not reachable, the barn reserves the right to provide veterinary care to the horse or horses under this riding contract. All costs associated with this care are the sole responsibility of the client. PandaTip: Use the following table to list the boarding fees that the customer must pay. Be sure to change the “QTY” column so that you can accurately reproduce the number of horses that board.

You can also use the boarding barn contract to explain how the barn works and set your practical rules and expectations. This riding contract is renewed from month to month. The customer can terminate this contract at any time by paying for the transportation of unpaid horses and removing his horse from the property of the stable. PandaTip: If you need additional vaccines for customers` horses, list them in this section of the model. The client must prove the following vaccinations before boarding with the stable: PandaTip: The tables in this section of the model allow your client to list the details of the horses he wants to ride. If there are more than two horses on board, create additional tables by clicking on the board, clicking on the icon with the three dots in the menu on the right and clicking “double block.” By signing below, the Customer confirms the receipt and understanding of the terms of this horse boarding contract and agrees to respect them without restriction.