Iro Unimc Learning Agreement

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For more information on courses, diaries and exams: Via della Pescheria Vecchia, n. 8 – 62100 MacerataTel: `39 0733 2586040; Fax: 39 0733 2586039e-mail: cri@unimc.itweb: – Student Mobility Management: first and last documents relating to the programme, checking the necessary documents at the beginning and end of mobility, the University of Macerata, founded in 1290, is one of the oldest Italian universities and the oldest in the Marche region. It focuses on the humanities and social sciences. The first information dates back to 1290, taught by a law course of Giulioso da Montegranaro, but the official institution was held on July 1, 1540 by Pope Paul III. At that time, there were faculties of theology, jurisprudence, medicine and philosophy. With the birth of the Kingdom of Italy, the faculty of theology was abolished and, two years later, only the case law remained, which had been expanded in the meantime. In the first post-war period, the university found a period of rebirth that would lead to the current course system. Through the International Relations Office (IRO), it promotes all forms of strategic cooperation aimed at providing students with extensive international training and research opportunities. The various mobility and international cooperation programmes (more than 20 bilateral agreements) and, in particular, the Erasmus plus programme (more than 350 agreements) activated by the university are global windows that permanently expand university training spaces. Hundreds of Erasmus scholarships and non-EU scholarships (UNITED STATES, England, Australia, Canada, China, Russia, Albania) are awarded each academic year, including scholarships for internships abroad. Many students from prestigious foreign universities choose Macerata University to further their training.

Special training programs such as Princeton University`s Summer School and Australian Murdoch University are held annually. Opening times: Tuesday to Thursday from 10.30am to 1pm – Monday and Friday after agreementt will also contact the office via Skype (laura-cri-mc) before arriving. The office is available during office hours at Macerata University for conversations or video conversations in English, French and Spanish – supported by the most advanced services – and it is possible to follow undergraduate and graduate programs, masters, masters, graduate schools, summer schools in cultural heritage, economics, philosophy, jurisprudence, letters, languages, communication sciences, education sciences, political sciences, tourism.