Summaries Of Conventions Treaties And Agreements Administered By Wipo

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The third and final general group concerns classification contracts that create classification systems that organize information about inventions, trademarks and industrial designs into indexed and manageable structures for a simple call. The first general group of contracts defines internationally agreed basic standards for the protection of intellectual property (IP) in each country. To achieve these objectives, in addition to the exercise of the administrative functions of trade unions, WIPO carries out a number of activities, including: (i) standard-setting activities that consist of establishing norms and norms for the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights through the conclusion of international contracts; (ii) program activities that include legal and technical assistance to States in the field of intellectual property; (iii) international classification and standardization activities that include cooperation between industrial property offices with regard to documentation relating to patents, trademarks and designs; and (iv) registration and filing activities that include services related to international patent applications and the registration of trademarks and industrial designs. WIPO`s two main objectives are (i) the promotion of intellectual property protection at the global level; and (ii) ensuring administrative cooperation among intellectual property unions established by WIPO-administered treaties. The second general group, known as contracts relating to the global system of protection, ensures that an international registration or deposit is effective in one of the signatory States concerned. The services provided by WIPO under these contracts simplify and reduce the costs of filing individual applications or notifications in all countries where protection is sought for a particular right of protection. Membership in WIPO is open to any Member State of one of the trade unions and to any other State which fulfils one of the following conditions: (i) it is a member of the United Nations, one of the specialized agencies in relation to the United Nations or the International Atomic Energy Agency; (ii) it is a party to the Statute of the International Court of Justice; or (iii) it has been invited by the WIPO General Assembly to become a party to the Convention. There are no obligations arising from membership in WIPO with respect to other contracts managed by WIPO. Accession to WIPO is effected by the deposit of an instrument of accession to the WIPO Convention with the Director General of WIPO. WIPO manages 26 contracts, including the WIPO Convention.

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