What Is The Second Copy Of A Hire Purchase Agreement Called

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(a) any reference to a tenant is a reference to a buyer; and, with respect to any action to enforce the right to recover the property of the person in possession, section 10 of the main statute applies as if any reference to the tenant in this section was a reference to the person in possession. 1. If, in a case to which section 11 of the main statute applies, the landlord has brought an action to assert the right to recover the tenant`s possession of the goods, and the court has issued an order under paragraph 12, paragraph 4, paragraph 4, of this Act (in this section known as the “pre-order”). If… (i) the agreement is signed by or on behalf of all other parties immediately after the tenant`s signature and the copy referred to in paragraph (d) of this subsection is available and is then served on it, or if the agreement was signed by or on behalf of all other parties prior to its signing by the tenant. , this copy is served on him immediately after the conclusion of the contract or (1) contained in an agreement (lease-purchase or purchase-credit or not) and is a provision to which this subsection applies is not applicable. 2. Where the owner argues, in such an appeal, an amount owed in the lease or under a guarantee contract, the Landgericht is competent to decide and decide the appeal concerning that claim and for the right to enforce such a right, as stated in the subsection above, if the Landgericht was not competent outside that section. b) that the buyer in question is or has been a person entitled to the original buyer.

A tenant who is required to make payments relating to two or more leases to the same landlord is entitled, notwithstanding an agreement to the contrary, to make a payment in relation to the agreements that is not sufficient to cover the total amount owed under all agreements, to receive an amount that he must pay in or to the satisfaction of the amount owed under either agreement. which are due after two or more of the agreements in the proportions it deems appropriate and, if it does not accept the aforementioned credits, the payment made under this section is charged, for the payment of the sums due under the respective leases, in the units that pay these amounts. Leasing is a contract by which a person rents goods in installment payment for a period of time and may hold the goods at the end of the contract if all tranches are paid. 3. Any reference in the main statute to a violation of section 11 of this Act or to subsection 1 of this section contains a reference to the violation of this subsection, as applied in the last subsection above; and if the landlord recovers possession of the goods against that subsection, as is the case, a personal representative of the deceased tenant (without prejudice to another right he may exercise as a tenant with respect to the tenancy agreement) has the right to recover from the landlord, in the course of a legal action, all the sums mentioned in paragraph (a) of paragraph 2 of this section.