White Spot Collective Agreement

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Labour Board Ruling: The Labour Board found that franchisor White Spot Limited (operator of a restaurant chain) and Gilley Restaurants Limited (franchised) were an ordinary employer, in accordance with page 38 of the Labour Relations act in BC. Board found them as a common employer based on a number of factors, including the fact that white spot had considerable control over menu prices, food supply, advertising pricing requirements, a trained white spot manager, etc. Facts: White Spot has sold a restaurant in Langley and its fortune to Gilley, which will operate the restaurant under its franchisee name. Langley`s employees were members of the union, which had a collective agreement with 17 white spot sites in bc. White Spot said Gilley employees should be part of another bargaining unit because the restaurants had different owners. White Spot – Maple Ridge 20855 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 2R2 Adrian Burnett, Union Representative/President Tel: 604.220-4897 Email: president3000@uniforbclocals.ca URL: www.whitespot.com/Collective Agreement:drive.google.com/open?id-15IhgbKrfhr060bbSYCFv7kPpv7BwED White in unionized? That`s cool. Do you know if they are all in your place or only? In the 1990s, some white spot drive-ins were shut down due to an increase in the number of franchise restaurants and a gradual decline in the popularity of drive-ins. Granville House was a popular restaurant until 1986, when a fire in the kitchen damaged the building. The restaurant closed there shortly thereafter, although there was talk of reconstruction.

[Citation required] In the 1920s, White Spot founder Nat Bailey operated a touring lunch table in Vancouver from a 1918 Model T. He was selling hot dogs for a dime and ice for a nickel. In 1928, Bailey founded the first White Spot restaurant. [4] He had originally planned to call the Granville Barbecue restaurant, but changed his mind instead of taking the advice of a friend who offered to call it White Spot in honor of a restaurant on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, not least because his name was impeccable and clean. The White Spot restaurant in Los Angeles has been closed for a long time. [Citation required] Just moved to van and got a job at a White Spot restaurant in Vancouver. just want to know if anyone knows where I can find the Union manual as pdf or anywhere I can download it… It`s one at work, but it`s fixed to the wall and it`s going to take an hour to read. I will be mailed in 6 months, but I have only a lot of questions that I do not want to harass the bosses…

Hampton Inn and Suites 19500 Langley Bypass, Surrey, BC V3S 7R2 Ellen Marie Moreira, Trade Union Delegate Tel: 604.516.8032 E-mail: em@uniforbclocals.ca URL: hamptoninn3.hilton.com/en/hotels/british-columbia/hampton-inn-and…Collective Accord:drive.google.com/open?id-1QAk7bFfhHuE-1yEGZ3Fzz