“2 Tone Flower” S&M design by Jaelen Wylie

By May 2, 2016Season 2 Designs



  • Jaelen Wylie says:

    For this garment I created a graphic design of carnation flowers with a “S” and “M” in the middle of the stems. I gravitated toward sticking to blacks, grays, whites, and a pop of red. Viewing the Sir and Madame Tumblr I noticed that there was a lot of denim, black, or brown tones with pops of color or pattern, therefore by creating this graphic design it complimented the overall color scheme of the other Sir and Madame garments. I decided to create a two-tone T-shirt, with grey and black, because it adds to an urban style. I would par this shirt with a denim jacket and a dark pair of pants.

  • Sir & Madame says:

    Great effort in making this a cut and sew piece and new use of the logo. Look into using a higher quality bouquet image, the current does not read well on the shirt.

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