By May 2, 2016


  • Lotus says:

    Hi, I’m Lotus. And I created the 2 Tone Women’s Oxford for this challenge. It’s a cut and sew piece that fuses denim and chiffon into one garment, making it a uniquely textured whole. The front of the piece features denim, double pockets, a contrasting collar, and buttons from top to bottom; while the back features a drapey black chiffon that hangs low beneath the kneeline. With the top layer a sophisticated oxford, the bottom layer flowing and feminine, it is a versatile wear that can easily be transformed into a dress.

    My design process was simple. I wanted to create something that was as soft as it was sophisticated in construction, so I decided to take two distinct fabrics and weave them together. I needed pockets, so I chose a double-pocketed button-down denim material for the front. And I needed contrast, so I chose a soft, moveable sheer material for the back. A conjoining collar meets them at the top. Together, these materials form the perfect balance – giving a casual and comfortable feel to something slightly stern. Sleeves were removed from both fabrics, making this sleeveless garment a must-have for any woman’s summer wardrobe. All in all, the 2 Tone Women’s Oxford is sheer sophistication.

  • Sir & Madame says:

    Great thought put into this garment, as we pride ourselves on designing cut & sew pieces. With some tailoring work and fit specs its definitely a piece we could see our consumer wearing.

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