By May 2, 2016


  • Lotus says:

    Hi, I’m Lotus. And I created the Spray T-shirt design for this challenge. This design features the Sir and Madame brand name and logo in silver spray paint over vinyl and a cotton tee. I came to this design through careful contemplation on what I wanted to portray for Sir and Madame. To me, this meant exemplifying urban in the most classic way and that is why I chose spray paint. I took stencils and spelled out the name “SIR MADAME” with silver spray, and then I created a stencil of the logo and spray painted that as well. I didn’t have time to perfect it the way I would have liked, but I feel this design still exemplifies my ideas effectively. It is a design with a more laid-back street vibe that’s set off by classy, silver spray paint.

  • Sir & Madame says:

    The art of graffiti does embody the meaning of urban sophisticate. With some cleaning up and scaling of the logo this design has promise.

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